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Saarschleife (Bend in the river Saar) and border triangle

Saarburg – Saarschleife – Shengen – Higher Mosel

Our tour leads us past the city of Trier into the 1000-year-old Saarburg. We will have the opportunity to visit the old town with its winding alleys and the castle above it. A special attraction is the waterfall in the town centre which crashes down 20 m in between half-timbered houses and baroque buildings to drive the milstones of the Hachenberg Mill.

We follow the beautiful Saar to the town of Mettlach. Take a stroll to the „Old Tower“ dating back 100 years, the Benedictine abbey, the Schinkel-Fountain, the tesselated Parish Church or visit the headquarters of worldfamous ceramics manufacturers Villeroy & Boch.

In Orscholz we will visit the view point „Cloef“. From here you can enjoy breathtaking views on the great Saarschleife (Bend in the river Saar). We continue our tour to Schengen at the border triangle of Germany, Luxembourg and France. Home to the famous Memorial of Europe commemorating the signing of the Schengen agreement of 1985.

Traveling along the higher Mosel we reach the Luxembourgish town of Remich – centre of Luxembourgish wine production and embedded within vineyards and forests. During our stay in Remich you should take a walk along the Mosel promenade before we continue along the higher Mosel.

Here you will find your departure times for your stay in a village between "Schweich" and "Kröv".
Here you will find your departure times for your stay in a village between "Lieser" and "Alf".



  Thursday Complete Fare
Adults 22,- Euro
Children (below 14 y.) 10,- Euro

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